Common Signs it is Time for 4x4 Repair

Common Signs it is Time for 4x4 RepairIf you drive a 4x4 vehicle it is important to understand that it requires special services that two-wheel drive cars do not. Since many 4x4 trucks and SUVs are used for towing and off-road driving, they're also subject to more damage. Aside from keeping up with scheduled maintenance, be sure that you're constantly on the lookout for signs it is time for 4x4 repair, which include the following. If you notice any, don't delay scheduling 4x4 service.

Indicator Light

Most 4x4 vehicles produced in the last 25 or so years will have a dashboard warning light that will illuminate if sensors detect trouble with the system. If it comes it it usually means that your vehicle is having difficulty fully engaging the 4x4 system. Head to a local auto shop that offers 4x4 repair. for proper diagnostics.

4x4 Does Not Engage

A generally obvious issue is if the 4x4 system just doesn't engage. You can often tell by the way your vehicle is driving if all four wheels are being fed power or not. You may notice jerking motions if you try to engage in 4-wheel drive unsuccessfully.

Stuck in 4x4 Mode

Alternatively, if you can't get out of 4x4 mode you'll want to visit the auto shop. Driving in 4-wheel drive when it isn't necessary can wear down components and eat up fuel.

Whistling Axle

Noises are a common way to detect car trouble, and it's no different when it comes to 4x4 systems. If you can hear a high pitched whistling noise or a clunking sound coming from the axle area, don't hesitate getting in for service. This sound may indicate that your vehicle is due for transfer case service or has more complicated issues with the differential.

Low Fluid Levels

It is necessary that you have the fluids checked regularly in the differentials. Low fluid levels can result in excessive friction between gears that will bring your truck or SUV to a grinding halt. If you notice any drips coming from under your vehicle, get to an auto shop immediately.

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