How to Destroy Your Transmission

How to Destroy Your TransmissionThe transmission in your vehicle is a very intricate mechanism that requires special care. If you are harsh in the way that you use it it is likely going to fail prematurely. If you would like to do your best to destroy the transmission we have put together a quick list of things you can do. In reality, this is exactly what you should not do if you intend for your car or truck's transmission to last hundreds of thousands of miles.

Put Off Transmission Maintenance

All vehicles require routine maintenance, which includes transmission care. If you do not complete schedule transmission service it will end up suffering from a number of ailments, including excessive friction between its moving parts, resulting in harsh wear and tear.

Don't Check Your Transmission Fluid

You should regularly check your transmission fluid to ensure that it is at the proper level. Operating the transmission when it is low on fluid will prevent it from shifting properly and can cause major damage to the gears.

Always Stop Quickly

Slamming on your brakes on a routine basis is a great way to damage your transmission mounts, making the vehicle unsafe to drive.

Pound the Accelerator

Putting the pedal to the metal on a regular basis is a great way to damage all sorts of driveline parts, including the transmission. Not allowing your transmission to cool down after generating excessive torque can cause it to overheat.

Don't Use Your Parking Brake

When parking, particularly on a hill, you must use your parking brake. Relying on the transmission to hold your vehicle puts a lot of stress on transmission parts.

Don't Wait to Stop When Shifting from Drive to Reverse

Shifting from reverse to a forward gear, or vice versa, is a great way to ensure your premature transmission failure.

The transmission is a very hardy mechanism, but if not cared for, it will fail. If it is time for transmission repair in Boise visit Red Line Transmission. Our family owned auto and transmission repair shop can fix any issue your vehicle is having. Give us a call at (208) 314-2216 to request expert transmission service in Boise today.

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