Oil Changes & Engine Health

Oil Changes & Engine HealthAll vehicles require routine auto maintenance in order to remain healthy and in good driving condition. By following your vehicle's particular maintenance schedule you can feel good knowing that your car is in the best possible health. If you do not keep up with the maintenance your vehicle needs it will quickly fall into despair, thus requiring extensive and unnecessary repairs. There is one particular form of maintenance that is required much more often than others. Oil changes are the most frequent form of maintenance.

Regulate engine operating temperature

Fresh oil is extremely integral to keeping the operating temperature of the engine reduced. Not only does fresh oil prevent the production of unwanted heat thanks to reducing friction, it is also engineered to absorb heat. As oil ages it collects contaminants that prevent it from properly being able to do its job. The longer you go without an oil change the more likely it will be that you suffer heat related engine issues. While the cooling system is generally able to handle any tasks regarding the cooling of the engine, oil actually is very crucial as it can reach areas inside the engine that coolant cannot.

Cleans out the engine

During an oil change the old oil is drained from the engine. As mentioned, as oil ages and circulates through the engine it collects dirt, dust, metal flakes and other debris that turns the oil from a fine liquid into a chunky, muddy substance. When the oil turns into this non-refined fluid it is making it more difficult for the engine to properly operate. This mud like substance reduces the engine's ability to create power and it also hurts the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The main function of the oil change is to drain this substance and replace the old oil with fresh oil, thus restoring the operating capabilities of the motor.

Ensures proper motor lubrication

The most important function of oil is to ensure the moving parts of the engine are properly lubricated. Without oil there would be constant and harsh metal on metal contact during operation which would quickly result in major engine damage. You can thank your oil for keeping your car running right for years and years.

Oil changes, along with all auto maintenance, are extremely important. Be sure to always keep up with the services your vehicle requires! To schedule an appointment for a quality oil change in Boise visit the team at Red Line Transmission. We offer expert auto maintenance for all makes and models. To learn more about our services, or to request dealership alternative auto maintenance in Boise give us a call at (208) 314-2216 today.

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