Does My Car Need a New Gas Tank?

Does My Car Need a New Gas Tank?Installing a new gas tank in a vehicle isn't something that is done too often. It is more of a procedure left for auto restorers who find gas tanks to be rusty and obviously unusable. However there are a few signs that may indicate your daily driver could benefit from a gas tank replacement. If any of these issues pertain to your car don't hesitate to speak with an auto repair specialists about getting a new gas tank installed to ensure a safe and reliable vehicle.

Car has been sitting

If a car has been sitting for a long time, generally several months or more than a year in some cases, it may be a good idea to have a new gas tank installed if you plan on driving the car regularly This is because any old gas will likely have altered in state and much sediment could have settled in the tank. Running the car with bad gas and excessive sediment could cause numerous problems for the engine.

Smell of Gas

If you can smell gasoline vapors it could be coming from a number of places, but chances are there is some sort of issue with the gas tank. This is a dangerous issue and you should not drive your car until it is determined what is causing the odor to occur. An auto repair specialist will help you determine if a new gas tank is necessary.

Visible Gas Leak

Of course if you find gasoline leaking from your vehicle you will not want to drive it. A leak could be caused by damage to the gank or something like loose fuel lines. Whatever it is, it is bad. Get it checked out to find out if the tank is salvageable.

If you notice any of these issues don't hesitate to touch base with an auto repair shop. A bad gas tank can cause your vehicle to be unsafe to drive. If you think you might need gas tank repair in Boise reach out to Red Line Transmissions. Our team of expert auto repair mechanics will help you figure out exactly what your vehicle needs to run great. Give us a call at (208) 314-2216 to request expert auto repair in Boise today.

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