Common Signs of Suspension Trouble

Common Signs of Suspension TroubleThe suspension system is designed to improve the comfort, handling and safety of your car, but it can only do these things if it is in good shape. As with all vehicle components it is important that you provide the suspension with routine service, such as replacing components at given mileage points. You can also tell if it is time for suspension repair if you encounter any of the following issues.

One Corner is Low

If it seems like one corner of your vehicle is low but the tire in that corner is not low on air than it is probable that the suspension components have aged so much that they have collapsed on themselves. This issue needs to be resolved quickly as it will cause your vehicle to drift and tire wear will be greatly increased.

Grease on Struts/Shocks

If your commute seems to be less enjoyable these days than it may be that the shocks need to be replaced. One way to check their condition is by running a rag along them to see if there is any fresh oil. The presence of fresh oil indicates that they could be leaking the fluid which helps to absorb the bumps and cracks of the roadway. These leaks generally come from a worn seal or a cracked casing of the shock or strut.

Rolling Sensation

One of the scarier signs that it is time for suspension repair is if you get the feeling that your vehicle is going to roll over or otherwise go out of control as you go around the corner. This is often an indication that the anti-sway bar has failed. This is the part that is responsible for Shifting the vehicle center of gravity as you go around a corner in order to keep the car or truck upright.

Excessive Bounce

Excessive bouncing that occurs as you drive down the highway is a common sign that the suspension needs to be serviced. You can actually test your suspension quite easily. Simply push on the hood or the trunk of your vehicle to get it to start bouncing up and down, once you stop pushing the vehicle should return to a stable position within three to four up-and-down rotations. Any more than this and it is probable that you should have your vehicle's suspension system looked at by a professional technician.

The suspension system is a key component of your vehicle that helps maintain a safe and comfy ride. Do not ignore signs of trouble with it! For professional suspension repair in Boise head to Red Line Transmission. Our team of auto repair experts are highly skilled at performing all types of service for most makes and models. At the first sign of car trouble be sure to visit us on Overland Road or give us a call at (208) 314-2216 to request an appointment for expert auto repair in Boise.

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