Top Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repair

Top Signs Your Car Needs Brake RepairHaving airbags and seatbelts is wonderful, as these things can save a life in the event of an accident. But what is it that can stop an accident from happening altogether? The brakes, of course! However, they need to be in good operating condition at all times to do so. If you experience any of these signs of brake trouble be sure to get to the repair shop as soon as possible.

Grinding Noises

A grinding noise that occurs when you hit the brakes is a clear sign of low brakes pads. The noise that you're hearing is the sound of the metal brake pad frame grinding on the metal drum or rotor. This issue will greatly reduce your ability to brake within a reasonable distance, so be sure to have new pads installed as soon as possible.


Does your car tend to move left or right when you hit the brakes? This is likely caused by uneven brake pad wear. However, there are other causes of this dangerous problem. A malfunctioning or stuck wheel cylinder could be the culprit or you could have contamination in the brake fluid.

Vibrating brakes

Your car should stop smoothly without any jittering or vibration. If you feel a vibration in the brake pedal, steering wheel or throughout the whole car when you hit the brakes it could be due to a warped brake rotor. Rotors wear down over time and need to be machined smooth or replaced as they age.

Soft brakes

There should be some resistance in your brake pedal. If it goes straight to the floor it could be because of one of several problems. Most often it indicates low brake pads but there could be a bigger problem at hand. Air in the brake lines or a disastrous brake fluid leak could also cause this issue. In any case visit a repair shop for proper diagnostics immediately.

ABS light

The ABS light on your dashboard represents brake trouble. ABS stands for anti-lock brake system, so anytime this light comes on, it's time to head to the repair shop to see what the sensors are picking up.

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