What Triggers the Check Engine Light?

What Triggers the Check Engine Light?The check engine light is too often viewed with fear. This little light is nothing but a helpful orange glow though, informing you of what is probable a relatively small problem before it grows worse. There are numerous things that can trigger the light, so when it comes on be sure to visit the auto shop for diagnostics as soon as possible. If you delay repairs whatever issue that caused the light to come on is going to grow, resulting in a need for more expensive repairs, as demonstrated by this first common check engine light issue.

Catalytic Converter

If you have diagnostics ran and you encounter a code for a failed catalytic converter, you're in for a spendy repair Unfortunately this likely means the light has been on for some time and was originally triggered by a smaller, cheaper problem. The catalytic converter, which converts harmful fumes into less hazardous emissions, won't fail on its own. Here's two issues that can cause a need for catalytic converter replacement, a very costly repair for any car or truck.

MAF Sensor

The Mass Air Flow sensor measures incoming air to calculate how much needs to be mixed with the gasoline for max efficiency. If the sensor fails it could result in excessive gas being burned, which is called running rich. The extra gas not only decreases fuel efficiency but it results in more fumes and unburned gas being sent through the catalytic converter, and this is what damages it.

O2 Sensor

Another issue that can result in the vehicle running rich is a failed oxygen (o2) sensor. The o2 sensor is in the exhaust system and measures oxygen in the fumes to also help calculate how much oxygen is needed. It's failure can result in miscalculations that cause extra gas to be used.

Broken or Loose Gas Cap

The best thing you can hope for when you head to the auto shop for diagnostics is that the error code indicates the gas cap is not on tight. If the cap is loose or cracked fuel vapors can evaporate out of the filler hose, which if detected by sensors, will cause the check engine light to come on.

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