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Auto Service Excellence in Boise, Idaho​

Red Line Transmission provides full service auto repair in Boise for all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles. We take great pride in our ability to diagnose complicated issues and get them repaired in a timely manner. No matter what sort of problem you’re having with your vehicle you can trust our friendly to fix car trouble quickly and correctly, getting you back on the road fast. Give our Boise car shop a call to schedule service or to request an estimate for the cost of auto repair.

Diagnostics, Engine Repair & Replacement​

Our team is skilled at completing complicated engine diagnostics, engine repairs and engine replacement services for all cars and trucks. Using computer and visual diagnostics, our engine shop can identify issues within the electrical system or perform repairs of the, crankshaft, head gasket, valves, springs, heads or pistons. Whether you’ve noticed an oil leak or are suffering from decreased performance,  we can fix any issue under the hood of your car.

engine repair
cooling of engine

Auto AC Repair

If your vehicle is unable to produce a cool breeze from its AC vents, visit us for expert car air conditioner repair in Boise. Common issues with automotive AC systems  include a broken A/C fan, a Freon leak/AC leak, failed AC condenser or it may be time to perform an AC recharge/Freon recharge. No matter what is preventing you from cooling off on your commute, our expert automotive mechanics will get it taken care of.

Brake Repair

A healthy brake system is key to safety on the road. Our team conducts expert brake repair in Boise for all makes and models. If you experience trouble slowing, such as grinding noises when braking,  pulling while stopping or feel a vibration in the brake pedal, it’s certainly time to visit us for a brake job. Depending on your vehicle’s needs, our brake services can include brake pad replacement, brake rotors replacement, fixing brake line leaks or installing a new brake master cylinder if necessary.

car on lift
CV Joint & Driveline Repair

At Red Line Transmission we conduct complete driveline repair on all makes and models. We service all rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive vehicles, and we’ll treat your vehicle for what it is, ensuring a proper repair every time. Our skills allows us to conduct expert CV joint repair, axle repair and more, because ultimately we want your car to drive safely and reliably. If you hear strange noises, notice fluid leaks, feel a clunk in a wheel or have other issues, be sure to visit our Boise auto shop.

oil change
Full Service Oil Change

Our auto shop caters to fine European cars and SUVs, which means we stock the proper oils and oil filters to ensure we can provide basic maintenance. Whether your car needs a conventional, semi-synthetic or full synthetic oil change, we have the right product at the right price. Our fast oil change includes the proper amount of oil, a new oil filter and a multi-point inspection that can identify potential issues.

Timing Belt Replacement

If your car is equipped with a timing belt it is important to have it replaced when called for by your owner’s manual. For many vehicles this service is necessary between 70,000 and 105,000 miles. Failing to replace this belt could allow it to snap, resulting in massive engine damage.

Accessories & Upgrades

We offer a number of automotive upgrades and accessories for customizing cars and trucks. Come see us for performance chips, tonneau covers, Nerf Bars and more! We will work closely with you to understand the goals that you have for your vehicle and make parts, performance upgrade and accessory recomedations to help you achieve them. Let’s turn your car into your dream ride!

Factory Auto Maintenance

All cars and trucks require scheduled maintenance to remain in prime operating condition. Our shop is a dealership alternative for factory car services to maintain maximum efficiency and performance. This includes all 30/60/90K services and replacing air filters, fuel filters, tune ups, spark plug replacement, battery checks, safety diagnostics and and more. When your vehicle leaves our shop following scheduled services, we promise it will run great!

We Really Do It All and We Do It Right the First Time!