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Simple Tips for Preventing Major Transmission Problems


When a transmission issue arises, it can quickly worsen and become very costly to take care of. So it’s always best to take preventive measures that reduce the risk of major transmission trouble. At the first indication of a transmission problem, you’ll want to visit the shop. At Red Line Transmission, our local mechanics specialize in transmission service in the greater Boise, ID area. Here are three quick tips for preventing serious transmission problems. 

Stay Current with Transmission Fluid Exchanges

Transmission fluid provides lubrication, cooling, fluid pressure, and rust prevention, making it very important that you’re driving with the right amount of clean fluid. A transmission fluid exchange will empty old dirty fluid and replace it with the correct level of unpolluted fluid. Commonly, cars need their transmission fluid to be exchanged somewhere between 30,000 and 50,000 miles, but you’ll want to refer to your owner’s manual to see your vehicle’s exact requirement. 

Check Your Transmission Fluid Every Month

Transmission fluid should be checked on a monthly basis, even if you don’t suspect there to be a problem. By regularly checking your fluid, you’re much more likely to catch potential issues such as burning fluid or a fluid level that has gotten dangerously low. Transmission fluid is typically best checked with the car still running.

Visit the Shop ASAP if You Suspect a Transmission Issue

Common signs of transmission trouble include transmission fluid leaks, delayed shifting, rough shifting, and the vehicle abruptly jumping out of gear while driving. If you drive a stick shift, you’ll want to watch out for symptoms of clutch trouble, such as a clutch pedal that feels spongy or sticky, or is making a lot of noise when you step on it/release it. Grinding and burning smells are also common indications of a clutch problem. At the first sign of transmission trouble, you’ll want to get to the shop before the issue escalates.

Transmission Repair in Boise, ID

When you need transmission repair in Boise and the surrounding area, contact Red Line Transmission at (208) 375-0098. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle’s repair or maintenance needs!