Symptoms of a Cooling System Problem that We Can Fix at Our Boise Auto Shop

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When overheating occurs, major engine trouble can develop, including a cracked block. This makes it very important that all of your car’s cooling system components are working optimally. Standard cooling system parts include thermostats, water pumps, radiators, cooling fans, and hoses. If you suspect an issue with any aspect of your cooling system, you’ll want to have the mechanic take a look. At Red Line Transmission, our local mechanics provide expert cooling system repair in the greater Boise area.

Common Signs of Cooling System Trouble

There’s cause for concern if your dashboard temperature gauge has climbed into the red. If this occurs while you’re out on the road, you’ll want to pull into a parking lot as soon as it’s safe to do so. Then you can give the shop a call and get guidance on whether it seems okay to drive your vehicle any further—or if it’ll be better to get towed to the shop so you don’t risk causing engine damage.

Cooling system leaks commonly cause overheating, so it’s important to be familiar with signs that coolant is leaking. One potential sign of a coolant leak is that your coolant warning light has flashed on. With an internal coolant leak, you may see a bunch of white exhaust smoke, which could indicate a blown head gasket. If your vehicle has an external coolant leak, then you might notice a lot of brightly colored fluid accumulating where you’ve been parked. While coolant is often green, it also comes in other colors including pink, orange, and yellow. If your car has a coolant leak, then the decrease in fluid pressure may reduce the coolant’s boiling point. As a result, you may see steam billowing out from under your hood.

Cooling System Repair in Boise, ID

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