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The Important Benefits of Staying Current with Oil Changes

For your engine to stay in excellent condition, it’s important to always keep up with oil changes. In your owner’s manual, you’ll find your vehicle’s particular requirements for how often its oil should be changed and what type of oil should be used. At Red Line Transmission, our local mechanics can complete any type of maintenance your vehicle needs, including full-service oil changes in the greater Boise area.

Why to Always Follow Your Oil Change Schedule

The most important reason to keep up with oil changes is that your engine’s moving parts will be properly lubricated and protected from metal-on-metal contact, which could cause massive damage. And when you get your oil changed, your oil filter will be replaced. This is an important task because a gunked-up filter may not allow oil to circulate through your engine like it’s supposed to.

Regular oil changes will also help to prevent engine sludge from building up. When you don’t stay current with oil changes, contaminants can cause your oil to develop a gel-like consistency. This mucky oil may stick to engine parts and fail to provide optimal lubrication. When you get an oil change, this sludgy oil will be emptied from your engine, which will be filled back up with clean oil that is better for its health. Also, when driving with uncontaminated oil, it’ll be easier for heat to be redistributed from your combustion chamber. This will help to keep your engine at a safe temperature while you drive.

And by getting your oil changed by an experienced mechanic, it’s possible that a developing engine issue will be spotted. The issue can then be remedied before it escalates and causes bigger engine problems.

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