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Is my transmission fluid low? A look at common warning signs

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By providing both lubrication and hydraulic pressure, transmission fluid plays a crucial role in keeping your transmission healthy and functioning optimally. If your transmission fluid level gets too low, then very expensive problems could develop. By checking your transmission fluid on a monthly basis, you can make sure that the fluid level isn’t dropping to the point that major problems could arise. If low fluid does cause issues with your transmission, you’ll want to be proactive about getting to the shop ASAP. At Red Line Transmission, we specialize in transmission service in the greater Boise area. Our experienced transmission specialists can accurately locate the source of transmission fluid leaks and get right to work on fixing them. 

Signs of Low Transmission Fluid

When transmission fluid gets low, an assortment of issues may arise. With insufficient fluid, a significant delay in shifting could occur because there’s not enough pressure to get gears to change as quickly as they normally would. Low transmission fluid can also prevent your vehicle from going into/staying in certain gears. This could create a significant safety hazard, especially in certain high-speed situations, such as trying to merge or change lanes on the freeway. With low transmission fluid, you might also notice grinding during the shifting process. 

A visual check will give you a clear-cut sign of low transmission fluid. It’s usually best to check transmission fluid with the engine still on. This is because transmission fluid tends to contract when it cools, which can then give an inaccurate reading on how much fluid you’re actually driving with. If you see on the dipstick that the fluid level has gotten concerningly low, then you could be dealing with a transmission fluid leak, which is something that needs to be promptly addressed. Fluid that appears dark or smells burnt should also be brought to a mechanic’s attention as soon as possible.

Transmission Service in Boise, ID

When you need transmission service in Boise and the surrounding area, contact Red Line Transmission at (208) 375-0098. At our local transmission shop, we can expertly repair transmission fluid leaks. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle’s repair or maintenance needs